Since Billetto is the ticketing and event platform with most organisers in the Nordics, we see it as our responsibility to celebrate society's re-opening with a bang.


We do this with our festival called “Together Again”. Here we support our event organisers and promote their Billetto events that take place during the expected re-opening of society from April to June 2021. We promote the organisers' events in our own channels, by social media advertising and press releases to the media. 

Today is the perfect timing to start selling tickets for spring and summer events. 

From our Billetto data, we know that the majority of tickets are sold 2 months before the event start date. Our organisers who create the first blossom of events early will therefore gain the most from the opening.


Why is the festival in April to June?

The first events when society opens up will be the most popular and remembered events. With vaccines becoming more prevalent, governments expect society to open up in April. April might be too early for some Organisers but will be perfect for others. By the end of June we expect that most events will be allowed in one way or another. We can’t change the pandemic, however, we want to give you as much tailwind as possible for the reopening and the huge celebration that will come with it.

Why should I be first?

We want to make sure that Billetto Organisers are able to restart their businesses and revitalise the event industry when the restrictions ease. Ticket buyers are ready to buy tickets now more than ever for events that will take place this spring and summer. People have always bought tickets for events in advance, and by selling tickets now it gives people optimism and something to look forward to.

Is it really a festival?

You can see it as a campaign where Together Again Festival is an umbrella festival for all actual Billetto events in April to June. Billetto has chosen to create a festival where all Billetto Organisers are co-creators, where your event will be part of the festival program.

How will Billetto promote my event?

Billetto will promote the festival and all the Organiser events to all our newsletter subscribers, on our website and app, and by paid advertisement in social media and on Google. All public Billetto events in April to June will be promoted, no matter when they were published. On your event’s Audience Insights page you will be able to see the amount of traffic that comes from Billetto promotion activities.

How can Billetto assist me in following current restrictions?

Billetto offers, among other things, these features for you to organise a safe event:

  • Contactless scanning and box office. Read more
  • Social distanced seating. Read more
  • Recurring events with limited capacity per time slot. Read more
  • Personal tickets. Read more
  • Ticket transfer. Read more
  • Refund Protection add-on that covers unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances that interfere with ticket buyer’s ability to attend an event. Read more
  • Collecting contact details. Read more
  • Functionality to easily and without cost postpone or, in the worst case, cancel your event. We’ll take care of informing and refunding your ticket buyers. Read more